The best TIME TO MARKET and the greatest FLEXIBILITY for transaction processing.

Portfolio of solutions for electronic transaction processing and payment media management.

Easy integration with other solutions, from a flexible, distributed, modular and extensible deployment platform.

360° degree transaction lifecycle handling

TenS has a set of own modules or integrated with other transaction management solutions



TenS Gateway

TenS Switch

TenS Driver ATM

TenS Driver POS

TenS Driver Web / Mobile


TenS Authorizer Manager

TenS Driver HSM

TenS Security Server

TenS Fraud Manager
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TenS Issuer Administration

TenS Acquirer Administration

TenS Service Process

TenS Origination Manager
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TenS Conector FICOTM

TenS Interface

TenS Interchange

TenS Adaptor

TenS File Process

TenS and digital transformation

The importance of information (data)

The value of the data is maximized the less time has passed since it was generated.

TenS, digital strategy and data

The organization must not only have all the data available, it must also have the instantaneous ability to use it in the 360° interaction with each client.

That is the role of TenS, as an orchestrator of services in the digital strategy.

Value-added solutions


Maximum level of parameterization that allows you to use all the functionalities available on the channels in a simple way.

Time to Market

Streamline and facilitate the implementation of new businesses, with more efficiency and lower operational cost.

High Performance

Technology based on C ++ and object-oriented, to guarantee the highest performance.


Orchestrating the in and out of all the data of the different processes, to build the digital transformation.

Business model

The business adapts to the needs of the customer


The deployment can be On-Premise or in the Cloud

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