Continuous availability with operational simplicity

Availability platforms continue for a digital transformation context with the best uptime on the market.

Stratus Value Proposal

Operational simplicity

  • Simple and easy to implement
  • Quick Setup
  • Easy administration

Worldwide uptime meter of Stratus servers

Stratus solutions Advantages

Stratus solutions and platforms are simple to install and implement, they operate autonomously with constant availability in rugged environments, and can protect your data, security, and reputation.

Unmatched reliability, performance, and scalability for your high-volume transactions

Certain applications, like those that power payment processing, trading, and reservation systems, can place unusually high demands on IT infrastructure.

It’s not enough to be available 24x7x365. It also need to process thousands of transactions per second, support thousands of concurrent users, and respond within milliseconds.

General purpose hardware, with general purpose operating systems, are generally insufficient to support these types of extreme requirements.

Stratus systems are more than capable. Stratus ftServer V Series is specifically engineered for your most demanding mission-critical TPS (transaction processing systems) workloads.

Purpose-built hardware with highly tuned OpenVOS operating system software provide unmatched availability, and deliver the scalability and performance required for high-volume transaction processing.

Simple to deploy, simple to manage, simple to service

In today’s always-on global economy, seconds matter. Downtime in critical business applications can have far-reaching economic, security and legal consequences.

Recovering from a failure, no matter how fast, is simply no longer an option. What companies need today is failure prevention, not failure recovery. What they shouldn’t need, is a PhD to set it up.

Stratus offers quick and easy failure prevention with ftServer on VMware, Windows, and Linux. Conventional technologies like clustering and virtualization-based HA do not prevent downtime, but rely on recovering from hardware or software failures.

And this recovery time can vary, from minutes to hours. Only ftServer prevents the downtime of your critical business applications, ensuring continuous availability, even when your underlying hardware components fail.

Our added value

Sistemas Críticos is Stratus Distributor and Service Provider for its entire line of platforms.

Monitoring 24×7

As part of Stratus solutions and from our 24x7x365 Regional Center, all of our customers’ facilities in the region are monitored.

Training Center

We are Stratus Technology Training Center, offering Spanish language courses of the entire product line: VOS Operating System, V-Series platforms and ftServer.

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