Solutions for digitization and continuous availability of business.

We are an IT company, focused on providing digitization solutions for Mission Critical environments, ensuring the continuous availability of the service.

With a strong experience in the financial area, having integrated, developed and support numerous payment media solutions to world-class customers.

That is why we develop, for transactional activity and means of payments, the portfolio of TenS solutions.

We highlight partnerships with Stratus, with the best continuous availability platform solution, and FICO, the leading predictive analytics company for decision management for the entire customer lifecycle.

In this way we prepare for this new scenario, where the digitization processes have accelerated and demand an excellent time to market.

The best TIME TO MARKET and the greatest FLEXIBILITY for transaction processing.

Portfolio of solutions for electronic transaction processing and payment media management. Easy integration with other solutions, from a flexible, distributed, modular and extensible deployment platform.


Data + Analytics – Better Decisions

Predictive analytics solutions for better management for decision-making that accompany the customer lifecycle.

Sistemas Críticos is partner and solution integrator of FICO.


Continuous availability with operational simplicity

Availability platforms continue for a digital transformation context with the best uptime on the market.

Sistemas Críticos is a Distributor and Service Provider of Stratus Technologies Inc.

Solutions for Critical Mission environments

Critical Mission solutions are those indispensable for the operation of a system, company, government or any type of organization.

The objective is linked to availability, this being the probability that applications, data and networks will be accessible to users in a given time interval. Therefore, critical applications cannot support unavailability (Downtime).

Sistemas Criticos is focused on meeting this goal.

Some examples of critical environments:

  • The system is the direct interface between the customer and the service (Internet / Airport Control Systems)
  • Decision-making is based on data on constant changes (Stock exchanges/ Bets)
  • The system processes large volume of transactions or high-value transactions (ATM Network’s / POS / e-commerce)
  • The system controls continuous operating processes (Industry / Energy)

“Large-scale customers require 7 x 24 service from companies that know how to make mission-critical systems not fail, ….., more don’t like to rely on suppliers that have no track record in this field.” Datamation Vol 5 No.4 1996

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